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Account management
I can't log in to my account - what are the possible causes?
If after several attempts to log in you still see the message "The login attempt failed", it means that you enter the wrong password to your account or the wrong e-mail address with which you registered. Try entering your password manually, instead of marking it and copying. If this does not help, try using the "Forgot your password?" option described below. If that operation fails, your account may not be active, or there might be some other problem. Contact us via our contact form located above.
How can I recover the password to my account?
If you have forgotten your password, you should not register again, because duplicated accounts will be removed by the administrators. Instead of that, use the "Forgot your password?" option, which is located under the login form on the homepage and on the login page. After clicking on it, a form will open in which you must enter your email address, which you once used for signing in, and a security code. For the safety of users, all passwords are encrypted and unreadable; therefore you will not receive your old password. In return, in an email you will receive a link. When you click on it, you will be able to set your new password. It is intended for a single use only.
How can I change the password?
The password from assigned to you by default can be changed by logging into your account and selecting "Change password". You will be asked to re-enter an old password and then enter a new one, which you will have to enter twice. If you have forgotten your password, then you should use the password recovery procedure described above.
Facilities management
I can't find my ad on the list - why?
The most common reason is providing the wrong town/region or not selecting it from our list of suggestions when adding a facility to our database. If you added any additional information to the name of the town, eg. "Torun region" your premises will not be available for those looking for the facilities exactly by the names of towns. Another possibility is writing an incorrect name of the town in the search engine.
Another reason may be searching for the object in the wrong category. If the offer is, for example in the category "hotels", it will not be visible in the category "private lodgings". Try to search for your offer in the correct category or don't define sought categories; you will then see all accommodations from a given town or region.
I want to change the data in the presentation of the premises- how can I do it?
If you want to change the data in your presentation on e-turysta.com website (eg. add a special offer or change the price), you must first log into your Customer Panel. Then, after logging in, you must find in the menu the data block entitled "Facility data" and select an appropriate option.