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Dormitory, School Boarding House, Dormitories, School Boarding Houses

Student dormitories and school boarding houses that live a vibrant life from September to June in the summer often turn into biggest centers of accommodation (for example, AGH University of Science and Technology Campus in Cracow during holiday period offers an accommodation for approx. 4,000 people).
The term "akademik" (ENG. dormitory) took its name from the first proper name of the dormitory, which was established in Warsaw in the 1920s and belonged to the Warsaw University of Technology. The name "bursa" (ENG. school boarding house) comes from the Latin word, which means common purse, the money, from which poorer students and pupils benefited thanks to the generosity of benefactors. The first boarding houses were built in Krakow in the fifteenth century by the Jagiellonian University. Dormitories and boarding houses available mostly in large academic centres are an interesting offer for those looking for cheaper accommodation as well as for large organized groups of tourists. Nowadays, they are often refurbished and renovated buildings offering a decent standard at a reasonable price. Their undoubted advantage is also good communication with city centres, where there are most of the places to visit. Places which are located in the neighbourhood of the dormitorie also offer many entertaining activities, which can make your stay more interesting. While looking for an accommodation in the dormitories, it is worth to use website, which provides a number of attractive accommodation offers.
The accommodations in Poland are highlighted depending on their type. High standard accommodations in hotels or spas and tourist standard facilities affordable for anyone
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