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If you are looking for an independent premises for a weekend or a holiday trip and an exploration of an interesting city, you should think about renting a flat, or, if you have more money, an apartment. Apartments for rent as temporary lodgings often work in tourist resorts during the high season. Especially in the academic cities where they are often rented by students during the low season.
The accommodation in the flats for rent doesn't constitute a significant burden on the holiday budget as it is the case of hotels or guesthouses. On the other hand, not only do they provide a better standard than most hostels, but most importantly they ensure privacy. The flats for rent also assure your own independent bathroom and give a hope for a well-equipped kitchen and access to important household appliances such as washing machine. Another advantage of the accommodation in a rented flat is that they are often located in city centres, close to places worth visiting. This type of holiday accommodation offers frequently appear in large and medium-sized cities with lots of universities and schools. The best is to look for them via e-turysta.com where everyone has a choice of an extensive database of flats and private lodgings in Poland.
The accommodations in Poland are highlighted depending on their type. High standard accommodations in hotels or spas and tourist standard facilities affordable for anyone
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