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If you look for an accommodation in the city, especially if you don't fancy the "hotel" atmosphere or you want your location to be as close to the city centre as possible and of much higher standard than an average hostel, you should look through our apartment offer.
The apartment is usually completely independent from other premises in the building, and is usually located either in a renovated tenement-house or in a modern building of the so-called new construction. In majority, the apartments are luxuriously equipped and beat the average hotels as far as the standard is concerned, very often for comparable or even lower price. The apartment means also much more space and freedom, needless to say that in better-equipped surroundings, for example with audio and video equipment. The apartments have one major advantage, namely the fact that many of them are located in the city centre, often in its most beautiful historical part, providing the opportunity to explore it without the need to use public transport. A large number of offers of accommodation in apartments also makes it easier to find accommodation close to the point in which we are particularly interested, for example convention centre, exhibition hall or sports center. On website you can find a wide range of accommodation offers in apartments in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, the Tri-City and other major cities of Poland. The tourist resorts both in the mountains and at the seaside often offer accommodation in apartments.
The accommodations in Poland are highlighted depending on their type. High standard accommodations in hotels or spas and tourist standard facilities affordable for anyone
Listy noclegów obejmujące największe miasta wojewódzkie w kraju. Pełny przegląd cenowy noclegów w różnych standardach. Noclegi w centrach największych miast, zwiedzaj polskie miasta z serwisem
Zobacz ofertę noclegową w najbardziej popularnych wśród turystów polskich kurortach wypoczynkowych. Prezentujemy obiekty znajdujące się nad morzem, w górach oraz na pojezierzach:
Najbardziej atrakcyjne turystycznie regiony Polski w serwisie to nie tylko szeroka baza noclegowa, ale również propozycje na spędzenie wolnego czasu. Sprawdź ofertę rozrywkową i możliwości uprawiania aktywnego wypoczynku w polskich kurortach: